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rina_dives ([personal profile] rina_dives) wrote2015-04-11 07:36 am

Zeb here.

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do here. My partner says it's a 'journal' where she writes her thoughts. It seems rather bare to me, but I suppose I'm not the best person to judge.

Maybe I should start with the basics. My name is Zeb. No last name, just Zeb. I'm a Pokémon, a Luxray to be specific. Well, I'm not at the moment. Rina (my partner) put me through the Disguise Generator so I could type this, since paws don't go very well with keyboards. It's not my first time being human, though I'm still getting used to the lack of fur. And the two legs, though Rina says I learned to walk pretty fast. I'm not so sure; two legs feels like such a bad "evolutionary" design.

That is what I am told is a 'pun'. Rina seems rather fond of them, but when I showed her this, she just groaned and did a thing humans call 'facepalming'. Maybe there's a secret to them I don't yet know.

Being here in the PPC is rather overwhelming. In the last twenty-four hours, I learned how to walk on two legs, traveled to a different world, and saw firsthand what these creatures called Sues and Stus are capable of doing. Nurse Jenni assures me things will get better with time, though I am not so sure. Headquarters alone reminds me of a cave, and I don't like it. The last memory I have of a cave is dying in one.

I don't know how I am still alive right now, but I'm thankful I am. And I intend to make the best of this second chance offered to me. In the meantime, I have been told by Nurse Jenni (a very lovely person, as humans go) to inquire after one Ilraen in RC 999. She says he might be able to help me adjust. And Arceus knows I could use it. I'm certainly out of my element.

Rina says this is a slightly better pun than the last. I will keep trying.