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rina_dives ([personal profile] rina_dives) wrote2014-03-08 10:31 am
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Remind me why I wanted to partner with Randa?

I just finished typing up our most recent (as in, our first!) mission report and I can feel that headache coming back.

Why do I have a headache in the first place?

Randa hit me over the head with her freaking steel yo-yo, that's why.

I mean, yeah, I was kind of flipping out over something our Sue did, but was knocking me out really necessary? Ugh. I could use some Bleeprin right now. I've heard that stuff is like magic here.

...okay, now I'm really mad.

One task. ONE. TASK. I only asked Randa to pick up some Bleeprin while I was hammering out contract details with the SO and she got lost in the hallways. It's lucky I ran into her on my way back to the RC, because she forgot you weren't supposed to think about your destination.

I guess the Bleeprin will have to wait.